Cancer turning out to be a major killer, says expert

Cancer, after cardiac-related deaths, is turning out to be a giant killer in India with millions of people falling prey to the disease — mostly caused by tobacco and alcohol. An estimated 40 lakh cancer patients are in India and every year 5 lakh cancer deaths were being reported in the country. Oral cancer among rural women is ruling the roost as they are mostly habituated to chewing of tobacco and reverse smoking called as ‘Adda Poga’. Majority of these women were prone to cancer and they come to the physician at an advanced stage of the killer-disease. Many of them conceal the problem even from their near and dear ones until they reach the advanced stage. Several rural women also suffer from uterus cancer due to promiscuous living and unhygienic vaginal conditions, he observed.

Many women fail to detect early symptoms of cervical cancer like white discharge which is taken lightly. Other symptoms include delayed healing of sores, unusual bleeding, indigestion and thickening of lump in the breast etc.  For early detection of cancer, he suggested breast examination by self, going for pap smear apart from periodic health check-up including biopsy, x-ray, ultra sound scan and CT scan. Read more…


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