Vaccine against breast cancer, ovarian cancer promising in trial

Monthly shots of a cancer vaccine produced encouraging results in a small, very early trial of 26 women with metastatic breast or ovarian cancer (cancer that has spread to other sites around the body), most of whom already had three or more rounds of chemotherapy.

Among the 12 breast cancer patients, median survival time was 13.7 months and one patient was still alive at 37 months, when the paper was written up. Four remained stable during the course of the trial. Among the 14 ovarian cancer patients, median survival was 15 months. One woman went 38 months before her disease progressed. Side effects to the treatment were mild, mostly reactions at the injection site. (One patient developed anemia.)

Though the news — which was published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research — is encouraging, it’s also true that it’s a small, early pilot trial, and the paper didn’t have a control group nor discuss how long patients would be expected to live without such therapy. Drugs take a long time to get to the clinic. Before this drug would be approved, it would have to prove its salt in larger trials, and many don’t make it that far. Read more…


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