Tooth-decay germs tied to bowel cancer.

A type of bacteria that cause dental decay and skin ulcers may also be linked to bowel cancer, say scientists who have found the bug in colon tumors. According to two research teams, which have discovered the pathogen ‘Fusobacterium’ in bowel cancer tumours, say it’s not yet clear if the bug might cause cancerous changes or whether it is just an incidental finding.

The two research studies looked at more than 100 samples of healthy and cancerous bowel tissue and found the presence of the bug. They discovered the link by analyzing genetic material in tumor samples. They then subtracted human genes from the mix. What remained were microbe genes.

Cancers of the liver, stomach and cervix have all been linked to microbes, he knew. And if there is one place in the body with a lot of microbes, it is the colon – microbial cells outnumber human cells there by a ratio of at least nine to one. Read more…



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