The new killer is breast cancer

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has predicted there will be around 1.5 million cancer patients in India by 2015, and most of them will suffer from breast cancer. Of 100 women with various cancers in Bangalore, 31.4% suffer from breast cancer. It has overtaken the number of cervical cancer cases, which initially affected a majority of women patients. As per ICMR figures (the last such study was done in 2008), the disease is on the rise at the rate of 3% every year. A decade ago, the figure in Bangalore was 16%, while it is 34.1% today.

“Approximately 2.5 lakh women with breast cancer are examined in India every year, of which at least 1 lakh are fresh cases. The reasons are urbanization, industrialization, changed lifestyle, unhealthy diet and other factors which lead to hormonal imbalance,” said Dr Anthony Pais, head of the Breast Cancer Unit and Women’s Oncology department, Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre at Narayana Hrudayalaya. Unfortunately, in India most women wait for the symptom of pain. “The average age for a woman to be diagnosed with breast cancer is about 47 years. There is a need to start checking once a woman touches 40. In 98% of the cases, the lump is painless, which is more dangerous,” said Dr Pais. Read more…


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