Prostate Cancer, When Detected Early, is Almost 100 Percent Curable

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

One in every six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in his lifetime. Being told he has prostate cancer can leave a man feeling helpless and confused, having been told that his life is in danger if he forgoes immediate treatment. He may be thinking, “Is there any good news in this nightmare?” There is: Today, prostate cancer, when detected early, is almost 100 percent curable.”

And, there are many things a man can do to keep his prostate healthy and help prevent the onset of prostate cancer. Anit-Oxidents. Some dietary anti-oxidants are nature’s “gift molecules,” endowed with cancer preventive and therapeutic properties. Although there has been a great emphasis on early detection of prostate cancer with the PSA test, there has been little in progress in preventing the disease. Although the SELECT trial did not show a reduction in prostate cancer in men taking Vitamin E and Selenium over placebo, we do believe that the proper form of these compounds can be helpful. In addition, lycopene (found in tomatoes) is a potent carotenoid which has been investigated recently in pre –clinical and clinical studies with interesting findings and should be incorporated into the diet. We also recommend daily intake of omega 3 compounds. In addition, we believe that there are great chemopreventative benefits of polyphenolic anti-oxidants derived from green tea, although the amount of green tea to take each day is uncertain. Typically we recommend 2-4 cups per day. Read more…


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