Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: What You Need to Know

September brings with it Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, a rare and often-deadly disease that can strike at any time in a woman’s life.

Recent ovarian cancer research has brought about some hope, however. One study identified a particular antibody that is found in blood and develops an immune system response to a protein called mesothelin. Mesothelin is present in normal tissue but in abundance in advanced ovarian cancer cells. Scientists hope to develop a screening test based on this antibody to better be able to early detect ovarian cancer.

A second study reported findings that may not only be able to detect the onset of ovarian cancer but also target genetic weaknesses in cancer cells. Research found that 96 percent of ovarian cancer tumors they studies to contain mutated TP53 genes. TP53 creates a tumor suppressor protein, stopping cells from growing and dividing uncontrollably. Mutations in the gene disrupt this protein’s function. By identifying this trademark, treatment may, one day, be able to target and destroy cancer cells. Read more…


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