Electric jab in your arm that fights skin cancer.

A hand-held device that delivers a ‘turbo-charged’ vaccine into muscles is being used to treat cancer. The device fires a skin cancer vaccine into the arm or leg, using electricity to boost the treatment’s potency 100-fold. Researchers who developed it say it could potentially help with a number of other cancers, including lung, throat, liver, stomach, prostate, ovarian and bladder.

The device treats cancer using a special vaccine. Traditional vaccines, such as those used to prevent infectious diseases, contain harmless versions of the disease-causing microbes — these harmless microbes stimulate the immune system to recognise invaders. Researchers have employed the same technology for cancer treatments, in effect producing a vaccine to the disease. Instead of training the immune system to seek out viruses and bacteria, the vaccines prime it to find and destroy cancer cells.  Read more…



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