Health meet raises crucial queries

Association of IT Dealers (AIT) organised AIT Health Day with the theme ‘Health is the Real Wealth’ in association with Narayana Hrudayalaya at Mazumdar- Shaw Cancer Center, Narayana Health City.Dr Satish Kumar, endocrinologist gave an insight into the various aspects of diabetes and how to control it, briefly touching upon the different hormones and their functions.

Dr Moni Abraham Kuriakose, oncologist, spoke about how cancer is caused and the different types of cancers. He also spoke about the factors which are under our control to ward off cancers. Dr Vijeendran, physiotherapist, gave an interesting presentation on fitness and stress management. With slides, he brought out in a vivid manner how lifestyles have brought about lack of fitness, and also made all the attendees do some simple exercises to release stress. Dr Sanjay Mehrotra spoke about the heart and the factors which affect heart functioning. He stressed on weight reduction, especially paunch reduction, as an important factor in reducing risk of heart disease. He explained in great detail why Indians are more prone to diabetes and heart diseases, which was an eye opener for all.

The well-known heart surgeon Dr Devi Shetty took the crowd through a presentation on the status of health in India and the requirement of doctors which is in dearth in our country and providing medical facilities to the poor and needy, and also insurance programs. Read more…


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