Gene therapy hope for ovary cancer patients

A research underway in the city holds out hope for thousands of ovarian cancer patients in the country. It reveals that a drug-resistant form of the disease can be treated through gene therapy and help to extend the life-span of patients. Even though the experiment is still at a preliminary stage, researchers believe there is enough indication to suggest that they are about a year away from hitting upon a drug that could prevent a relapse in ‘platinum-resistant’ ovarian cancer patients.

About 20% of the 60,000 who contract ovarian cancer in India every year happen to be platinum-resistant. Cellular therapy or conventional drugs and chemotherapy can’t prevent a relapse. “Usually, patients suffer a relapse within six months. Repeated chemotherapy can’t keep the patient alive for more than two years. The only way is to target the gene that leads to the disease and block it to prevent a recurrence.  Read more…



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