Wonder drug could kill all types of cancer

A breast cancer wonder drug could be turned into a universal weapon against tumors. Researchers said a family of cancer drugs, known as PARP inhibitors, affect the way tumor cells repair themselves. These inhibitors target hereditary forms of breast cancer as well as ovarian prostate cancer and pancreatic tumours with the same rogue gene.

The drugs exploit the ” Achilles heel” of hereditary forms of breast cancer. This is caused by a flaw in a gene called BRCA1, which limits the cells’ ability to repair damage to their DNA. Healthy cells have two ways of patching up damage – which allows them to breed, grow and spread – but cells in BRCA tumours have only one. PARP inhibitors block this remaining pathway, stopping the tumour cells from multiplying, eventually leading them to die. Some breast, ovarian and prostate tumours have flawed BRCA genes – but account for a small proportion of all cancers. Read more…


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