Prostate cancer more lethal than previously thought

Half of men with prostate cancer die from the disease itself, according to a new study published today, exploding the myth that it is usually not fatal.

Doctors frequently leave slow-growing forms of the cancer, gauging that the patient, who is often elderly, will probably die from something else first. Removing tumours unlikely to break out of the prostate gland could do more harm than good, they believe. Surgery can result in side effects such as incontinence and erectile problems.

But experts  have now found the proportion of men with prostate cancer who actually die from it to be higher than previously thought.

Examining records for 20,181 men with the disease who died between 1997 and 2007, they found prostate cancer was the principal cause of death in 49 per cent of them. Some 12 per cent of deaths were due to other cancers, 17 per cent to heart disease, eight per cent from pneumonia and 13 per cent from other causes. Read more…


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