Study : New method for detecting oral cancer

During the study, oral surgeons will use a fluorescence visualization (FV), or “blue light,” to identify cancerous tissue in the mouth that needs removal. Using traditional white light, it’s hard to spot oral cancer. But under the blue light, normal tissue generates a fluorescence, while oral squamous cell cancers or pre-cancerous cells go dark.

In this new trial, researchers will assess the efficacy of the tool on 400 eligible patients. Often, oral surgeons can’t easily see all of the cancerous tissue in the initial operation and therefore can’t get it all. It’s hoped this study will show that the blue light device helps with finding high-risk, pre-cancerous tissue that might otherwise go undetected. The beauty of the FV or “blue light” is that it is an incredibly simple concept: it is not invasive or painful, and the technology is relatively easy to use. Read more…


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