Age at Cancer Diagnosis Among Persons With AIDS

It is recently illustrated that naively comparing the ages at cancer diagnosis between persons with AIDS and the general population is inappropriate because the age distributions of the populations at risk differ. After adjustment for these population differences, it is  found that persons with AIDS do not develop most types of cancer at younger ages than the general population.

Although other investigators have suggested that elevated cancer risk at all ages could be evidence of accelerated aging , it is  posited that accelerated aging requires particularly elevated cancer risk at young ages, which would lead to a downward shift in the age distribution of cancer diagnoses. If HIV caused premature aging, we would expect both diagnosis of cancer at earlier ages and broadly increased cancer risk, particularly for types of cancer commonly associated with aging (for example, cancer of the prostate, colorectum, and breast), which has not been observed . It is  therefore argue that cancer should not be included as part of a general syndrome of HIV-associated accelerated aging. Read more…


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