Mazumdar-Shaw Cancer Centre uses mammotome to perform scar-free cancer surgery

Mazumdar-Shaw Cancer Centre, part of the Narayana Hrudayalaya Health City project has now brought in a novel concept to avoid unnecessary scars and mutilation of the breast.

Oncologists at Mazumdar-Shaw Cancer Centre are able to remove lump in the breast less than 2.5 cm and is not malignant clinically adopting a fine needle aspiration cytology. “The procedure is simple and performed safely under local anaesthesia using a vacuum assisted device called the Mammotome,” stated Dr Anthony Pais, Breast Cancer Surgeon and Head of the Dedicated Breast Cancer Unit.

The lump removal can be done as a day care procedure with no pain and no incision. It is ideal for young girls with a benign lump called a fibro adenoma. The lumps could be single or multiple.  It can also be used for the removal of painful spots or lumps in the breast and for taking a biopsy of a suspicious lesion which is not felt- The procedure can also be repeated any number of times without a scar, added Dr Pais.

It is cheaper than doing an open procedure in an operation theatre. If one removes all imaginary visible lesions a short term follow up will not be necessary and the procedure cost will be decreased. A recent study showed that 9 out of 10 patients who had the procedure with the Mammotome system indicated they would recommend the procedure to other women.

Breast cancer is on the rise and every lump should ideally be removed. But there is always a risk of missing an early cancer. Most of the advanced cancers are small benign appearing lumps a few months ago, stated Dr Pais.

Mazumdar-Shaw Cancer Centre built on a 500,000 square feet facility is a 1400-bed hospital with a particular focus on head, neck, breast and cervical cancers. Refer…


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