Cancer: ‘Prevention better than cure’

Cancer is an unusual or abnormal uncoordinated growth of tissue beyond the normal tissue in any particular area of the body. There are organs of the body that are highly susceptible to it. It affects virtually every part of the body. It is important to note that those ones that are very common are cancer that could be prevented, but if it is not prevented one can improve the survival rate through early detection. Much of these can come around through awareness. You need to know what it is all about before you talk of people going for the screening to detect it and get the precautions that you need, to ensure that you are not down from cancer, because it has become a major problem in our society.
Cancer is a disease that affects virtually everybody, male and female; black or white; young or old. Specific cancer affects different age groups and sexes. It is not a new disease but a disease that has been neglected overtime because much attention was not paid to it.
This is borne out of the fact that, it is a slow developing disease. Because it does not usually come down with immediate issues that one would report to the hospital or screening centres, so people tend to neglect it. Most times cancers are yet to be known even to the person having it. It is when they are late that is when they begin to manifest symptoms. But at the early stages they do not manifest anything. So people do not have any cause to go to the hospital. It is on the rise and also becoming a very major killer of men, women and children. Read more…


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