Cancer Treatments Getting Cheaper

Cancer treatments that normally come with a huge bill could soon include a new type of treatment that could possibly be as effective as it is inexpensive. Researchers have been trying to make a material using nanoparticles that could be so sensitive that doctors would be able to use our breath to detect indicators cancer, diabetes, and other important illnesses in real time.
Breath-analyzers detect changes in the conductance of gases like our breath as it passes over sensors. The things that cause changes in the sensors would be “biomarkers”, or substances that are typically warning signs of the illnesses named above plus other conditions as well. Scientists from the National Institute of Standards and also at Purdue University told CNET that although breath-analyzers have been around, this would be the first time someone has come up with a sensitivity level that could be efficient. It was done by trying to increase the surface area of the sensor, and replacing a flat surface with some material that made an incredibly porous metal-oxide film. According to NIST and Purdue University, the main element allowing this was due to using a coating of metal-oxide nanoparticles that allowed tons of things to be involved. Doing this, researchers now can run better studies because the sensitivity level increases along with the actual active part of the surface. Read more…


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